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2004 International CES

A number of new Threshold products made their public debut during the 2004 International Consumer Electronic Show (CES). New model prototypes on display in the Threshold/Nova/Cardas exhibit were the S/3500e (S/3700e) 5 Channel Power Amplifier, S/7000e MonoBlock Power Amplifier, and the Dragon V Integrated Amplifier Concept.

The demonstration system consisted of the Threshold S/5000e Power Amplifier, STASIS-R 3.0 Preamplifier, Nova Ovation SP Loudspeakers, and the Wadia 302 CD Player. The entire system featured Cardas Neutral Reference interconnect and loudspeaker cables. An Alesis ML-9600 Hard Disk Recorder was used for playback of 24-bit studio recordings.

The demonstration featured a number of high-resolution recordings directly from Georgetown Masters in Nashville, TN. Visitors had the opportunity to hear the remastered “Roses In The Snow” by Emmylou Harris and the new album “Twelve Years In Nashville” by Troy Johnson. This afforded a rare chance to experience these 24-bit studio tracks as they were originally mastered at the Georgetown facility — using Nova monitors.

The Dragon V Concept is the first integrated amplifier in Threshold's 30-year history of innovation. And indeed there is a great deal of history built-in. Its circuitry is derived from the flagship STASIS products and the acclaimed S/e series. Intended for use with the emerging generation of affordable SACD/DVD players with built-in decoding, the Dragon V is a 5 channel integrated amplifier designed to be the perfect bridge between the worlds of music and home theater. The Dragon V's innovative approach eliminates the need for an external processor.

The new S/3500e 5 Channel Power Amplifier and S/7000e MonoBlock Power Amplifier were also introduced at CES. For multi-channel applications, the 120 watt per channel S/3500e provides an cost-effective audiophile solution on a single chassis. Alternatively, the S/7000e can be used to provide 600 watts per monoblock chassis. Based on the popular S/5000e, these two new models extend one of Threshold's most well-regarded traditions — prodigious power at an affordable price — into the realm of Home Theater.

During the 2004 CES, Threshold achieved a breakthrough by introducing a number of affordable new products that are robust, rugged, and reliable. Stay tuned for other new and exciting products in the near future.

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